BGC YOY Logo ender
Each student had less than a minute to present their prepared speach.

Boys & Girls Club of Collier County – Youth of the Year Event

I was brought into this project both as Location Audio and Editor.  The main video was based on a template chosen by Guerilla Media.  The students were shot at Artis Naples.  Matt Dykes was the director.  John Scoular was the Director of Photography. There were several other elements associated with the event.  I was also assisted in Stage Direction for the night of the event.  Ed Clay was the Show Caller that evening.  This needs more info.


This is an example of a Bump Video.

Each live event has its own pace, but the event needs to keep moving and elements like these really help.  This particular bump was based on a graphic element from the Boys & Girls archive.  The words were already there.  I created movement by repeating the words.  Each line is its own layer as well as the darker part in the middle, the event logo, the bar it sits on and the B & G logo.  This After Effects project took awhile to create, but in the end had the desired effect and was used several times during the event.