Naples International Film Festival
NIFF Logo on white

Pixel Lightening owner, videographer, producer, editor Hank Sorrick has been an integral part of the NIFF team since inception (2009). Each moving image associated with NIFF is created by, or worked with, by Pixel Lightening:

  •  Pre-event trailers promoting sponsors, businesses and individual supporters

  •  Opening Night video elements

  •  Commercials for both internet and Silverspot theater

  •  Collaborating with “house” audio/visual teams to ensure a seamless event

NIFF 2021 Logo Sponsor Loop

Although the festival has an overarching brand, NIFF showcases a slightly varied theme each year. Working with this nonprofit organization, we successfully manage the challenges inherent in the annual theme variation while raising awareness, honoring sponsors and engaging viewers.

NIFF 2019 Commercial

NIFF 2019 Logo Sponsor Loop

And year over year, our audiences have grown and more importantly, we have gained respect among the festival circuit and among filmmakers.

NIFF 2018 10YearsOfPosters

NIFF 2017 Commercial

NIFF 2017 Logo Sponsor Loop

NIFF 2016 Commercial

NIFF 2016 PreShow Loop

This video was used during the off-season when we met monthly at Silverspot to watch a movie and stay connected.  It was created in DCI 4k Scope and converted to a DCP for the theater.

NIFF 2016 Logo Sponsor Loop

NIFF 2015 Commercial

NIFF 2015 Logo Sponsor Loop

NIFF 2014 Commercial

NIFF 2013 Commercial

These images are from the photo shoot and poster reveal. The camera and mic boom are mine. All hail the Production Goddess!

NIFF Logo opener – LONG

Turn your sound way up for this one!

NIFF 2012 Commercial

NIFF 2011 Commercial

If nothing else, we have fun!