OnCourt OffCourt
For OnCourt OffCourt, the focus is creating and selling training tools to improve the clients’ tennis and pickleball games.

With a love of video and understanding how it can work for a company like theirs, OnCourt OffCourt’s marking is multifaceted. They are open to not only “how to” videos, but a series of practical “how to use it in practice/training” videos.

With The Pickleball Nationals being held annually in Naples, this Texas-based company likes to “go local” for production and their videos for the Pickleball Tutor.

Pickleball Tutor Tips – Open
How to Set up the Perfect Pitch Rebounder
Entry Level How to use the Perfect Pitch Rebounder
While I ensure each client is aware of the multiple uses possible for their videos, OnCourt OffCourt understands the full marketing potential and maximizes their budget by taking advantage of all the opportunities available for videos:
  • Link on website
  • Upload to YouTube
  • Link in newsletters
  • Link in email blasts
Beginner Intermediate Advanced Montage
Ace Attack
Return of Serve