Conditioned Air

Pixel Lightening was hired a few years ago to create, what turned out to be, a set of 6 commercials.  Each one has a testimonial in the middle featuring customers speaking about their experience with Conditioned Air.  The commercials were updated each year with an emblem change.  We used a crew of about 8 for the three day shoot.

In 2017 Pixel Lightening was tapped again to create another series of commercials, 3 in this case.

Thank You CA 2A Tennis

If you watch these 2 spots back to back, you will notice that they loop.  Each one starts where the other leaves off.

Thank You CA 2B Golf

Originally there were only supposed to be 2 spots.  The agency went back and forth about which one was better “Tennis” or “Golf”.  They liked the two ideas equally. In the end, we figured out how to make them both. I wore several hats for this production:  Talent/Crew wrangler, Director, Editor, Animator, and the audio kit is mine as well.
The opening shot for “The Better Way” was supposed to be outside with a drone. During pre-production meetings, we decided that the lanai looked much better, with fewer mosquitos. We used the jib for most of the shots for all 3 commercials.

CA The Better Way

With talent, crew and management, there were around 25 people on set.  I figured with a crew this size, this was a great opportunity to have T-Shirts made.  Huge shout out to Marcus Zotter for the “Camerahead” artwork!  I still have a few left.  Want one?  Email me!
These next spots, the original 6, were shot over 3 days and multiple locations. The testimonials were all shot in the Conditioned Air headquarters in Naples.  Word of mouth, from truly satisfied clientele, goes a long way with potential customers.  Each one is designed to touch different people different ways.  Their honesty really shows through.

Service Pleasant Experience

Routine Maintenance

No Quotas

We shot the b-roll at three different homes, each representing different systems and clientele as well as the home office in Naples.  All of the standups were shot in the lobby and the interviews for the testimonials were shot in the office area upstairs.


Replacements B

The Real Difference

Great crews for both shoots!