The Shelter for Abused Women & Children
Shelter logo
Shelter from the Storm – YAC
Pixel Lightening produced the main video, as well as other video elements, for the organization’s Shelter from the Storm annual event. At the time, this spring event was The Shelter’s main fundraiser.


Highlight an important and relevant service and present it to a large audience of current and potential donors in an effort to raise money.


Craft an emotional video, telling the stories of the people, usually women and teens, affected by the service, from their perspective.  Each video was a masterfully coordinated effort between a point person from the Shelter, a producer and Pixel Lightening.  Each video produced was designed with some shock value, some statistics and always to really tug at your heart.
Mending Broken Hearts – Promo
25 Year – Final
In addition to the main video, PLPI produced a Logo/Sponsor loop to help recognize the folks that were heavily involved with the event itself and the Shelter overall.